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about me

i absolutely love polar bears. they're like dogs of the arctic. i think the government is hindering me by not allowing me to own a polar bear.

there's no reason i shouldn't be able to own a polar bear. i mean come on,, they're just so silly. additionally, why can't i own a capybara?? the state of idaho is discriminating against me (because i am trans) and stopping me from getting a pet capybara

why make a website?

i think that making a website is a valuable way to learn css and html, and also i thought it would be fun to put a picture of a capybara there. i really like the freedom that making a website gives you. you can do anything! the freedom can be a detriment, though. this website looked terrible and it was very hard to make look good.

favorite characters

i absolutely love so many silly characters. i'm a huge fan of the entire cast of persona 5, most of the demon slayer characters, etc.